Monday, October 30, 2017

Holy Harvest, Turnip Boy!

As the dog and I walked across the yard the other day, heading to the field for a walk, a cock pheasant flew up out of the main vegetable garden, scaring the crap out of me with its distinctive squawk and thrumping of wings.
As I looked into the garden, my mouth dropped open. Look at the size of those turnips!
As I snapped the photo, I realized that without an object to compare them to, you wouldn't get a sense of the size of these babies, so I called out the man responsible for growing them.
As big as his head!

Despite the lack of rain this year, and because of the extended growing season, my husband had great success with his gardens. His sunflowers lasted until mid-October, we ate our last feed of corn on October 22nd, and he's been giving away big orange pumpkins for weeks. We have plenty of cucumbers and carrots, and after a bad start, even the red potatoes popped up perfectly.

But it looks like turnip is going to be a side dish for many, many meals this November!

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