Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Seeds of My Failure

This is my epic fail as a country girl. 
The whole not being able to shoot a gun? No problem. Don't really want to kill anything anyway.
The whole not being able to hop on the tractor and do the work? No problem -- yet. It's just hard to do the work when Dwayne is wanting to do the work. I watched him yesterday afternoon puttering around the yard on the tractor, pulling out stumps and moving dirt and he just looked so darn content.
And honestly - I'm not that keen on plowing snow if I don't have to.  

But this -- the failure to sprout -- this hurts. 

Tomato seeds on the left. I planted those May 3rd.I spritzed them daily for six weeks. Twenty-four seeds and not a single sprout. 
After a month, I bought four large, healthy tomato plants and they are growing happily out in the garden. There will be salsa after all. 

Two weeks later, while there was hope for the seeds because it was too soon to assume failure, I planted daisy seeds. I COULDN'T EVEN GET MY FAVOURITE FLOWER TO SPROUT.

So, more research on seeding is needed. Everyone else seems to get it done. Some people even complain about how quickly their tomatoes grow. 
Do people "harrumph" anymore? Because I feel a necessary "harrumph" coming on. 

Honestly, am I not the slowest person? Thirteen years and I'm just trying -- and failing -- at seedlings now. 

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