Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Summer Reading: Local Stories

My life wasn't really impacted hard by the shutdown caused by the pandemic. The only real loss I experienced was having to cancel a literary event I'd planned to host this July. 

I wanted to get the authors of these three books, which are set along my stretch of the Northumberland Shore, together for an evening. Not local authors but local stories -- stories with a local setting we all recognize, stories set right here in Pugwash, Rockley (across the river!), and Tidnish. I'm really sorry to be missing that evening. 

But I can still recommend the books for summer reading, and encourage you to support authors who aren't getting their events and promotions this year. 

LARKIN ON THE SHORE by Jean Mills (Red Deer Press) - Young Adult - "Larkin Day is a mess up 16-year-old. She just escaped a nasty year in high school to spend a summer of refuge in seaside Nova Scotia. But when an arsonist attempts to destroy the one thing she holds dear..."

FOUND DROWNED, by Laurie Glenn Norris (Nimbus) -  Adult -"Mary Harney is a dreamy teenager in Cumberland County whose ambitions are stifled by her tyrannical grandmother and alcoholic father. When Mary's mother becomes ill, an already fragile domestic situation quickly begins to unravel until the September evening when the girl goes missing..."

A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO GOOD-BYE by Melanie Mosher (Nimbus) - Middle Grade - "Every summer, Laney's family visits their cottage on Tidnish Beach. But this year, the baking heat and bright read sand provide cold comfort. This year, Laney's little sister, Jenny, is gone. Ten-year-old Laney must learn to acknowledge her grief in order to overcome it. When a situation arises and Laney needs to help her new friend, she finally understands that even though she will miss Jenny forever, she can find happiness again."

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