Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Back To Work

Busy day at the newspaper today, but only because we had one day to get it together instead of two. Then because we are a little short on content, it was decided to drop from a 24-page paper to a 20-page paper, pushing our deadline further into the afternoon.
We have lots of news from our correspondents but not many ads for the "Up and Coming" page. It's that time of year, when people retreat into their homes and don't make as many plans, but it's also the kind of month January is: We're in recovery mode after several weeks of going full-tilt with shopping and baking and partying and wrapping, then a week of eating and, well, eating, eating, and eating! This is the only time of year that I make Black Forest cookies and Toffee Pecan shortbread so I tend to gorge a bit. (Eating a toffee pecan shortbread with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, however, is an experience close to heaven; I was taking a well-deserved break from oatmeal.) Everyone is moving a little more slowly, and is a little more distracted by a new To Do list: Clean up, put away, start... I've been trying to clean my office for a week and can only now begin since the Christmas decorations finally were put away yesterday. Note to self: a messy desk is the sign of a brilliant mind but also a sign that you can't find the latest power bill.
So even though we only had one day to put together the first paper of the new year, it was good to have things light and easy. I wouldn't want to strain myself on my first day back to work.

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