Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunshiney Day

What a gorgeous winter's day it is. Cold and sunny. So hard to stay inside and write when I want to be outside walking in the woods with the dogs. Must take down the Suggestion Box in the chicken coop, though. The chickens, desperate to be outside but hating snow, keep asking for boots.
It was minus 19 when I got up this morning at 7:30 (the dogs and cat allowing us to sleep in on Sunday). I wonder if we'll have any minus 30 nights like we did the first few years I lived down here. I remember coming home from a dance at the end of January and not being able to feel my feet, shod as they were in unsuitable little dancing shoes. At three o'clock in the morning, my husband and I were huddled under blankets in the living room, drinking tea and eating toast, watching the end of a movie on TV, as we waited for the re-stocked wood furnace to heat the house enough for us to go to bed.
It's hard to remember those deeply cold nights on a day like today. The sunshine feels so good, even the chickens are braving the snow to be outside.

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