Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breaking News

The Application brought before the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board sponsored by Bob O’Connell, Eldon Mundle and Kevin Polley to dissolve the Village of Pugwash has been dismissed.
The first application was to reduce the size of the Village and then in 2010 to dissolve it entirely.  Both these applications have been unsuccessful. 
“I believe these petitions and applications to the UARB to have been a monumental waste of taxpayer’s money,” the Pugwash Village Commission Chair, Rod Benjamin, said. “The first application cost Village tax payers $48,000 in legal fees and the second cost another $32,000. Both applications were dismissed and it is now time for the community to heal and get along with the business of being this unique, beautiful place."
Benjamin went on to say that projects and plans have been on hold for years due to this business with the UARB. 
“With these applications behind us, the Village Commission looks forward to working with all members of the community to build upon the services and amenities provided in the Village.  Pugwash is a beautiful place to live where business can develop and thrive. Encouraging economic development and increased settlement are priorities for the Village,” said Benjamin.  

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