Saturday, June 23, 2012

Great Gift for the Writer in Your LIfe

My friend Kim gave me a great piece of writing advice, so good it helped me publish (as Sara Jewell) in an anthology being released on Monday. Here's the official word from the Writers' Federation newsletter:
A longtime project of Halifax writers Lorri Neilsen Glenn and Carsten Knox will come to fruition Monday night with the launch of Salt Lines, a book containing writerly advice and anecdotes from 55 of Nova Scotia’s best and brightest scribes. Have a look at these contributors:

Catherine Banks! Janet Barkhouse! Brian Bartlett! John Bell! Chris Benjamin! Binnie Brennan! Douglas Arthur Brown! Jeff Bursey!, Scott Campbell! Silver Donald Cameron! Mary Jane Copps! Kev Corbett! Nate Crawford! Gwen Davies! Tanya Davis! Stephanie Domet! Alyda Farber! Jane Finlay-Young! Shelly Goodwin! Sue Goyette! Jenn Grant! Shauntay Grant! Sylvia D. Hamilton! Sara Jewell!  Heddy Johannesen! Stephen Kimber! Adrienne King! Carsten Knox! Holly Kritsch!  Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaasen! Carole Langille! Nadine LaPierre!, Lezlie Lowe! Kathy Mac!Eva Madden-Hagen! Stephens Gerard Malone! Elaine McCluskey! Michael Melski! Sarah Mian! Carmel Mikol! Shandi Michell! Philip Moscovitch! Lorri Neilsen Glenn! Sharon Gibson Palermo! Sandra Phinney! Anna Quon! Darcy Rhyno! Syr Ruus! Marjorie Simmins! Anne Simpson! Jon Tattrie! Julie Vandervoort! Rose Vaughan! Steve Vernon! and *phew*! Budge Wilson!

This anthology is sold in support of the Elizabeth Venart Emergency Fund for writers, a fund administered by the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia. All sales go to the fund. (The writers don't even get a complimentary copy.)


  1. Where would I buy a copy of this? Catherine Venart

    1. Catherine, you'll have to contact the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia to see if any copies are available. for contact info