Sunday, June 24, 2012

Musically Inclined

Both my husband and I love music, and we harbour deep envy of those who play instruments and sing. Thus, it's deliberate torture to attend the weekly kitchen party at the Pugwash cafe but it's fun. We are drawn to people who are singers -- and for me, who are also songwriters -- and cherish them when they become our friends.
New friends and new neighbours are Dale Murray and Christina Martin. They live, love, write, and perform together. Christina's new album is available on July 10 but Dale's new album, Dream Mountain Dream, was released in March. We saw him perform at the cafe in Pugwash on Thursday night, backed by Christina, who plays at the cafe on July 14.
Check out the latest video for one of the songs on his album. It was filmed around their house on Carrington Road and in the woods across the road. Doesn't get more locally-produced than that!

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