Monday, August 06, 2012

Before Everything Dries Up

Boy, was I disappointed to see periods of rain disappear from the forecast for today and tomorrow. This is a hot, dry summer and now even the mosquitoes are disappearing because of it. Not that I'm a fan of those but we know how these things work: the mosquitoes go then what do the swallows eat?
Not using our precious well water to keep the mostly-perennial gardens going so here are some photos of my flowers while they are thirsty but not yet dried up. With no rain in the forecast this whole week, I don't know how much longer we can keep the gardens of 2012 alive so must enjoy the beauty while it lasts. Everything is coming and going sooner this year. People complained about all the rain last summer but for the flower gardeners, it was lush.
I don't even want to think what the vegetable farmers are enduring right now.

Liatris, a totally cool plant to have.

Echinacea, my favourite, so stiff and prickly with soft petals.

Bee balm behind the garden shed.

Phlox which has a scent that reminds my mother of her family cottage.

Lily, a beautiful surprise since I don't remember planting this.

Fern, named because that's the first place I saw her as a stray kitten, in my ferns, now likes to lounge in the creeping thyme (that hasn't done much creeping this year).

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