Thursday, August 02, 2012

Life's A Beach

Here's the thing about Nova Scotia: Our beaches are so great, they're almost better in the rain. In fact, I know an 83-year-old woman who stands on the bank of the beach by her cottage in Northport and watches a storm move in.
Today, however, we just played in a gentle rain at Blue Sea Beach near Malagash. A hidden jewel, for sure. It's quite a long beach and at low tide, the sand goes far out. We had it to ourselves on a rainy Thursday afternoon and the dogs played just like dogs should while we gave our legs a workout walking through the shin-deep water.

And there was nothing we deserved more on the drive home than an order of large fries from McMahon's in Wallace. Even wet, sleepy puppies will raise their heads for those thick, golden fries.

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