Monday, August 20, 2012

The 4th Annual Beckwith Bash

This festival of music and food is becoming one of Cumberland County's don't-miss events. Happens the third weekend of August.
Doubling as a CD launch for the hosts and host band, Fresia, six bands performed on the main stage while several others kept us entertained between sets from the lounge.
Mark this on your 2013 calendar. Worth the drive to Beckwith!

Belly dancing workshop with Griselda Manning. 

Isaac Fresia stirs the big pot of gumbo.

Keeping cool at the pond. 

Ricky Ferris performs in the lounge. 

Slainte! Toasting the amazing weather, I'm sure.

Definitely kid-friendly. Even the children get a special place to play, including dress up. 

Kim Harris of Amherst entertains the crowd. 

The new, double CD from Fresia and Charlotte Fresia.

Hosts Sam, Eric and Charlotte Fresia begin their two-hour set at seven o'clock.

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