Wednesday, September 05, 2012

All About Weather

If ever I were to write a novel with Weather as a character, this past week would be a good one to use as a base. Lots of quirks, interesting highs and lows.
After weeks months of hot temperatures and warm nights, it's been cooling off quite a bit in the evenings for the past two weeks. Very nice for sleeping. But when I got up on Saturday morning to take the dogs for a walk, I had to return to the house to get a toque. September 1st and I was wearing a hat at six o'clock in the morning! I won't go as far as to say there was frost but the clover bordering our walking path through the field was white; not frozen, but definitely dusted with white. Blame the north wind of the strait. There must have been a few fleece sweaters and knitted slippers passed out at the cottages that morning. 
"It's a rather sudden transition to fall, isn't it?" I asked the other household dwellers who were huddled around the coffee maker. All I received for an answer was a hot mug of coffee shoved between my two cold hands.
But as people say about Nova Scotia weather, wait an hour and it will change. 
So yesterday, it was hot and sunny and today it's raining. Summer is back.
Who wouldn't want a character like that around? 

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