Saturday, September 08, 2012

On Meeting My Kind of Celebrity

After buying some peaches and blueberries and yellow beans this morning at the Pugwash Farmers' Market, my husband promised me a mug of the "best coffee in town". When we walked into the cafe, it was blessedly quiet after a very busy summer. I recognized everyone except for one woman who looked familiar; she was talking to Norene, cafe co-owner, but my eye was caught by a painting in the PopUp Art Space next door and I took off to get a closer look.
We chose the art work we liked best then purchased what we could afford: two cups of coffee. Norene was talking to this woman and her husband by the cream and sugar so she introduced us to Sheree and Gilles.
It hit me.
"You're Sheree Fitch!" I crowed. "I've read your novel."
She writes for both children and adults; if you have a young child, likely you've read "Kisses Kisses Baby-O" and I've read her adult novel, Kiss The Joy As It Flies. By any standard, she is a successful Nova Scotia writer.
In fact, I almost asked for her autograph. For a writer like me, Sheree is a celebrity. And an awfully nice one. Turns out that after years in Halifax and Washington, she and Gilles are building a home in River John and she's eager to connect with other writers in the area.
So I'll say it again: Only in the Maritimes can you meet someone, anyone, even Sheree Fitch! and sit right down for a cup of coffee and a long, entertaining conversation.
(And for Fitch fans, I want to be the first to break the news: Sheree is ready to start her next novel.)

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