Sunday, September 09, 2012

Beautiful Words Are Meant To Be Shared

As a member of the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia, I receive a weekly email of events and workshops and contests and markets. The best part of it, as I'm sure all members would agree, is the long opening, written by theWFNS communications guru, award-winning and very talented (also very funny) Sue Goyette.
Quite often, I save her paragraph to read over and over and sometimes I email it to friends because what she writes is so unique and lovely and interesting that it must be shared. So this time, I'm sharing it with the world.

From the September 7 WFNS newsletter:

Because this is my second day back to work after having the summer off to write, there is a lake where my brain should be and a row of birches around everything I say. This doesn’t make ordering coffee easy. I’m not typing but examining the small rocks my fingers find, the glint of their dash and my hope for gold. You see what I mean? The telephone rings and I think it’s a punctuation mark ending the last thought I had with a syncopation that disturbs the birds from my trees and then silence is filled with their flying. Maybe we’re all in the same boat: early September and all of its entrances. There’s school and work (and traffic!) and the thin light of the approaching autumn shadowed with its secret and spiral staircase to winter. Even the clouds look like new notebooks and we’re all walking around like pens, signing our names to the sidewalks like we own them (!!).

~ by Sue Goyette

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