Friday, November 02, 2012

Fall Fashion in the Country

Every time I start out for a walk, I hear, "Where's your orange?" and I have to go back to the house and put everyone into their vests (Abby thinks her orange cape means she really can fly now but no matter how fast she runs down the lane, she never achieves liftoff).
Hunting season is underway in Nova Scotia which means those of us who live in the country have to wear blaze orange for six weeks. Maybe this is why we put up the outside Christmas lights on December first -- we are so sick of that bright hunting colour.
As we start out again for our walk, my husband explains: "I don't want the dogs to get shot. Or you."
Really, I'm more concerned about the bear in our woods than I am hunters. Ah, nuts. Now I have to go back for the bear bells...

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