Monday, November 19, 2012

Sometimes, Appearances DO Matter

My mother and I drove into Halifax on Saturday morning and on our way, just a few kilometers east of the Oxford exit, we saw a dead deer lying in the median of the highway. It was lying partway up the slope, its legs sticking up in the air.
"Your husband told me that the Department of Natural Resources is no longer picking up dead deer and neither is the Department of Transportation. DOT crews have been told to roll them into the nearest ditch," my mother told me.
Can you imagine? But honestly, I'm not surprised. The "service" part of public service is falling by the wayside these days, particularly in Cumberland County.
When the politicians start squawking about tourism numbers being down, they might want to consider the sight of rotting carcasses along the TransCanada Highway. Nice way to greet visitors! "Enjoy the view of lupins and dead animals. ONLY in Nova Scotia." The only thing is, DOT in Cumberland County also has stopped mowing the sides of the road and the medians so I suppose the grass will simply grow up and cover the evidence. Is this the way to justify neglect and apathy?
When did we stop caring about appearances? The managers driving around in those yellow trucks must be blind.

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