Friday, November 23, 2012

Find Christmas Magic in Saltscapes Magazine

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Art Brown twice, once as Santa Claus for the newspaper last year, and again as Art for Saltscapes in a profile titled, "The Art of Being Santa."
It's always great when the magazine uses the title you sent with the piece.
Each time I came away from my conversation with Art wondering, "What if...?" and "Could he really...?" He makes me believe that Santa exists...because he does...I think....
Art is such a natural in the role as Santa -- both in looks and character -- and it is a role he takes very seriously. You know those guys who age into looking like Santa but are pissy to kids who stare and point and call out Santa to them? Not Art. If a child looks at him with a particular gleam in his or her eyes, Art plays right along. He is beyond generous with his time and his self. The money Art earns during his six (official) weeks as Santa Claus gets donated to two or three families in need of help providing Christmas to their children.
He makes it impossible NOT to believe.

This is the delightful cover the Nov/Dec 2012 issue on the magazine racks now. Lots of good reads in it, including my profile of Art Brown.

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