Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bob-bob-bobbin' Along

The robins have arrived!
We were back at the duck pond yesterday afternoon when we heard the familiar sound, looked up, and there were four robins flitting through the trees.

The arrival of robins doesn't mean no more snow -- this is Nova Scotia after all -- but it does mean we're running downhill fast and Spring waits at the bottom to catch us with wide open arms!
Now we await the arrival of "our" osprey in mid-April.

My husband came upon eagles feeding at the duck pond this week -- and realized there was a pair of GOLDEN eagles in the crowd. So we spent much of the weekend trying to capture a photo of them. A great weekend for hanging out on the shores of the pond, warm and quiet, but this is the only thing with wings that appeared:

But what a gorgeous sky!
Could have had a photo of some deer walking across the still-frozen pond but learned this lesson instead: When you are going into the woods to spy on wild animals, do not wear your red winter coat. Now, for the first time IN MY LIFE, I feel the need for camouflage clothing.

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