Friday, March 22, 2013

Field Notes Column Nominated

** Breaking news! I assumed the wrong column when I wrote this last week.
Updated Tuesday, March 27:

I'm pleased to say that my "Field Notes" column is nominated for an Atlantic Community Newspapers Award in the Specialty Column category.
Writing a column, especially the slice-of-life style that comes naturally to me, is a wonderful challenge. Excavating my own life for stories that appeal to a broad cross-section of readers is something I've done since I was twelve years so getting the chance to write a bi-weekly column for a community newspaper is a lifelong ambition fulfilled.
(Problem is, whenever I attend family gatherings or meet friends for coffee, I'm hearing, "You're not going to write a column about this, are you?"  Well, actually, I am. Just made notes from last night's family supper for a Father's Day column!)
I'm pleased, too, for the long-awaited recognition for The Oxford Journal, which is 115 years old.


Best Specialty Column
Sara Mattinson – Oxford Journal
Nick Mercer – Carbonear Compass
Jonathan Riley – Digby Courier

Congratulations to my fellow nominees.
The awards are handed out in May in Halifax.


  1. Congratulations and best wishes for victory in May.

    bob miller