Saturday, June 29, 2013

As Retirement Plans Go, This One Is Fruitful

Last spring, my husband stuck 1,000 strawberry plants in the ground and said, "This is my retirement plan."
Um, sure.
Anyone driving past our property this spring would wonder if he'd given up on the idea because he didn't weed the strawberry plot. Ever. I can hardly look at it, it's so overrun by weeds (although there are a lot of daisies growing and that's my favourite flower). I should have had faith: the weeds don't stop the strawberries from growing and ripening. And it gives us a unique marketing angle: Our strawberries are wildflower-infused! And obviously pesticide-free.

My husband's retirement plan is already coming to fruition. He picked four flats today; that's 48 boxes in an afternoon. He gave one away to friends and I picked a box to give to my in-laws. Sold his first flat before 6 pm. I'd say this cockamamie plan of his is going to work out well. (He'll have sold all his berries before I've sold one book so whose retirement plan is better, I wonder?)
My contribution? I made the Strawberries For Sale sign that will sit at the end of our driveway. I'm also quality control: Had a handful on my breakfast this morning. Can't resist fresh, juicy berries.

How cool is it to walk across the driveway to the strawberry patch and pick some berries to cut right onto granola? Gotta love country life but c'mon, urban dwellers with backyards: No reason not to keep a couple of hens and grow a basket of strawberries. You shouldn't miss out on any of this instant deliciousness.

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  1. I'm looking into retiring soon and the planning process has been very difficult. The first thing I did was look into a checkbook ira account and my investment portfolio. I've also heard seeking a professional financial planner may be very beneficial to your retirement plans. Do you have any advice or tips for my planning process?