Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fallow Good for the Fowl

There is so much experimentation involved in gardening, including placement of the actual garden. In 2007, the first spring I lived here, my husband tilled up a long patch of ground to use as our vegetable garden. Over the past five years, I realized it wasn't the greatest spot for growing; it misses morning sun and a successful garden needs sunshine all day. It's also very wet there, living as we do at the bottom of a river valley. We harvested plenty from it but maybe not as much as we could. So with two gardens now in operation on the higher, sunnier part of our property, and a problem weed needing to be eradicated with violence and poison (apparently), I convinced my husband to let the old garden return to lawn.
Letting that garden go wild -- and remain unpoisoned -- has produced an unexpected but greatly appreciated harvest right away. It's full of the plantain that chickens love to eat. Brewster, our rooster, clucks like crazy when he sees me coming with handfuls of the stuff. I've even learned to leave the dirt clumping to the roots so they can enjoy the worms and other grubs.

The fallow garden


A feast for fowl

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