Sunday, June 16, 2013

What Piece of Nova Scotia Holds Your Heart?

Everyone has a little piece of Nova Scotia that is special to them whether because it's been in the family for a hundred years, they spent their childhood summers there or they visited once and it stole their heart forever.
On Father's Day, I'd like to share some photos of my father's favourite place: our summer home on Pugwash Point, Cumberland County, which he bought in 1995. 




We no longer own this house; Mum said after Dad died, the house was emptied of its spirit and it was time a new family filled it. But we buried his ashes here in Nova Scotia because this is where a big piece of his heart found a home.

Any summer night, any year.
Thanks, Dad, for bringing us to Pugwash for the first time in 1979...and bringing us back year after year.
Happy Father's Day to all those celebrating and remembering today.

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