Monday, July 29, 2013

Field Notes Photo Shoot

Although the summer project of writing a book proposal has been sidelined by assignments for two different magazines, I will get back to work on a book inspired by my "Field Notes" columns in the fall. Part of the proposal is to include an idea for a cover so I asked my photographer friend Catherine Bussiere to take some photos.

It was a hot June day but I had to work around Catherine's travel schedule and the blooming season of my favourite flower, the daisy, so hot and sunny it had to be. Since photographers love what rain does to colour, I suppose I'm lucky.
My husband had a few props to move around, including two bales of hay and a chicken, in two locations. The field remains my preference.
The photos arrived today. Here are a few of the good ones that ultimately are rejects for the cover:

Seriously, I'd never do this! Too hot and too many bugs. 

I think we're comparing hair and makeup. 

I'm bribing her with the promise of a strawberry. "Just one more shot!"

Did a wardrobe change to coordinate with the red Bog boots. 
The hen eventually got away from me -- not easy juggling a notebook, a laptop and a chicken -- and went running back to the flock so that pretty much wrapped up the photo shoot. Once the star calls it quits...

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