Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Wind Is Trying To Kill Me

I woke up mad this morning because the wind kept me awake last night.
My mother doesn't like wind but I've walked enough dogs in all kinds of weather, watched enough trees bend almost to breaking, seen enough flower beds flattened because of wind that it doesn't bother me. Why did it wake me over and over last night? What was it trying to tell me?
I woke up too mad to wonder. 
I was mad enough that I didn't go for morning walk because I didn't want to walk in the wind.
Foolish but that's what wind-related sleep deprivation will do to the mind at six o'clock in the morning.
Once I was up and feeding the dogs and drinking chai tea and looking at the haze over the river that suggested a very hot day to come, I didn't want to be mad at the wind anymore so I grabbed my yoga mat and tossed it onto the side deck where it was shady.
And windy.
Two beautiful trees that shade the deck and the bedroom all day, that watch over me while I work upstairs in my office. One beautiful breeze that kept me cool while I did Sun Salutations and Tree Pose. That took my breathe away and forced me to breathe deeply. Inhale, exhale. Inhale right into my belly, exhale right down to my toes. Empty the mind, fill the lungs.
Filling up with beauty and peace and all the love I feel for these trees and the sun and yes, even the wind.
I woke up with the wind as my enemy but finished the morning with the wind as my lifeforce. As it should be.
Leave it to the great modern writer Frederick Buechner to be more eloquent than me:
"Every morning you wake up to something that in all eternity never was before & never will be again."

The view skyward from the yoga mat.

(The title of this post is from a great song by Dale Murray, off his most recent album, Dream Mountain Dream.)

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