Friday, December 12, 2014

Dear Santa, I Hope I've Been Nice

I really hope there is a new pair of Bog boots under the Christmas tree for me. I love these red boots and my Bogs get worn every day, even in the summer, but that heavy wear takes its toll. These boots aren't made of real rubber so they eventually wear out and crack at the point where my toes bend as I walk the fields or kneel in the garden. As festive as the red is, the duct tape just doesn't cut it for keeping the water out.
It's been raining since Wednesday evening and 100 mm of rain makes our river valley land very, very soggy.
(Can you imagine if all this rain had been snow? We'd be stranded in our homes or at work for days.)
This picture reminds me of something else: The make-do principle of country people. The rest of boots are in perfectly good shape so why not simply wrap duct tape around the holes and carry on? It's the same principle as darning socks and patching knees. You  make do with what you have instead of buying something new. Our Buy New! Buy Now! culture mocks that country attitude but it's an admirable one and there's nothing wrong with a little make-do in everyone's life to appreciate when something brand new comes along.

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