Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Resolve to Resist

Jane's husband Gerry arrived at tea time this morning with tea and Timbits.
Jane handed me the sweet, little box full of those sweet, little donut holes -- oooh, chocolate -- and I said, "No, thanks."
If the last few years have been about saying "Yes", 2015 is the year of saying "No". It's the year of resistance.
Not resistance to resolve but resistance to those things that break my resolve to be more productive and ten pounds lighter.
1) Watch less television. By this I mean, cut out those time-waster moments when you turn the telly on simply because it's there and you are between tasks or avoiding tasks. I'm going to try to fill those moments with a walk and by leaving a book on the table in the living room to reach for instead of the remote.
2) Eat less sugar. By this I mean, no sweet snacks. My husband has a sweet tooth and can eat anything; he has a metabolism that prevents him from putting on weight no matter what he eats (jerk). I also have a sweet tooth but chocolate gives me pimples which makes it easier to resist but cookies, man, I love cookies.
Ultimately, these two resolutions are about improving two things: My writing production and my health. Especially since I will be sitting and writing even more in 2015, the Writer's Butt I've developed needs to be kept under control.  Thankfully, I already have a major daily water habit; I get more than enough hot lemon water during a day.
2015: It's all about writing, walking and watering.

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