Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Walk In the Woods

Sooooo busy.
Tooooo busy.
I even have a "reading injury". I've pulled some muscle from my neck up the back of my head, if that's possible. All I know it's from a marathon reading session of one of my textbooks. I knew taking that course was a mistake. It's literally a headache!
A walk in the woods was just what I needed during a break from typical Maritime weather (finally).
The leaves are all gone, except for the usual hangers-on who won't let go until the cold winds blow. The tree limbs are bare and the birds are gone. The water is travelling down hill towards the river.
We saved a frog sitting open-eyed on the cold clay ground of the old road. Hopefully putting him in the brook was the right thing to do since it appears there are hunters going deep into the woods behind our home this year. 
Hunting season sucks -- and I'm not even a deer. Thankfully, hunting on Sunday is still prohibited so we were able to venture past the "No Hunting or Trespassing" signs to enjoy the quiet woods.
Our way back home now circles the new pond. When we first dug it, back in September when everything was still so dry and it was a mud hole with a foot of water in the bottom of it, Dwayne declared, "Don't worry. It will fill up this fall."
He was right -- the pond is now a lake. I've always wanted to skate on the river, just like my father-in-law talks about in my river essay in Field Notes, the book. Perhaps this winter I'll be able to fulfill another country dream. 

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