Saturday, October 01, 2016

Relaxing By The Fire

It would appear that I am a dedicated student, making notes on this week's reading for that Christian theology course while enjoying a bonfire, but this intention lasted about five minutes. The books were open but nobody was home.
October first and we finally enjoyed a meal of sausages and corn cooked over an open fire in the locally-made cast iron pit my husband received for his birthday last year. We don't tend to do bonfires in the summer unless we have company; in July and August, we're usually gardening until sunset. We like bonfires in the fall because there are no bugs and it's darker earlier so we don't have to wait until nine o'clock (which I have to admit is our early country bedtime).
It was actually duskier when these photos were taken; the camera compensated for the low light. We were in full bonfire mode with a roaring fire and full bellies. Oh, and no textbooks, either.

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