Monday, October 03, 2016

First Anniversary of Gotcha Day

It's been one year since we adopted these two fine fellows from the Lillian Albon Animal Shelter in Amherst and brought the brothers into our home. I remember barricading them into the laundry room with the purpose of giving them time to get used to the house, the dog and three unfamiliar humans -- only to find them climbing over the baby gate shortly after and roaming around confidently.  I don't think they spent a night in the laundry room.
Remy (left) and Abby didn't get off to a very good start - Remy was on the defensive - but they've become friends since then. Leonard, on the other hand, didn't hesitate to tell Abby she was his new BFF.
I'd say the boys have settled in quite nicely.  They are a wonderful addition to our furry family.

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