Saturday, March 11, 2017

Date Night

We don't do "date nights" in our house because chronic pain from Dwayne's shoulder injury usually gets the best of him by late afternoon.
But since we're both big fans of breakfast, and I've been meaning to get to this place for ten years, and it is called "Sugar Moon Farm", this is where we went for our date night -- this morning!
And what a gorgeous day. Cold. So cold! But so sunny. Beautiful day for a drive from Port Howe to Earltown. Good thing it was cold, too -- if we'd come on a thawing spring day, my husband would have balked at the thick mud on the dirt road that leads up to the restaurant. Instead, I ended up the hero of the story. Just look at these pancakes!

There are three "Sugar Moon Classics" to choose from: the Original, Pancakes Only, and No Meat Please. I picked the no-meat version because I love eggs.
My husband, of course, went "Over the Moon" and selected the all-meat version.
We weren't tempted by any of the fancy coffees on offer (I'm not a big fan of whipping cream on my beverages) but he said the apple cider was amazing.
While we waited for our meal, we were served biscuits and maple butter. I have to say that I appreciated the small biscuits; enough for a taste but not filling.
Proper thing because I had to eat this huge breakfast! The pancakes were gorgeous. Honestly, I don't know where I put it all but I enjoyed every single morsel -- but had to fight sleepiness all the way home.

Sugar Moon Farms off Highway 311 outside of Earltown (between Truro and Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia) is open Fridays, Saturday and Sundays until the summer, when it's open all week.
Next time, I'm doing the sugar bush tour to work off breakfast!

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