Monday, June 05, 2017

Breakfast on the Deck

It doesn't matter how many squirrels get killed on the road, we always seem to have three show up for breakfast.
So this is my pre-yoga ritual on mornings when I'm not walking the road: Get up, turn on kettle and make chai tea. Put out hummingbird feeder (we take it in every night to keep the raccoons from sauntering up to the bar and draining it) and top up the finch feeder. Put out four or five piles of peanuts.
If I don't put out separate piles, these little buggers will fight in the feeder. Chattering and squawking, they are literally rolling around, their bodies and tails flinging all over the place, which sprays peanuts all over the deck, thus defeating my purpose of putting peanuts in the feeder in the first place.
It's noisy and it's exhausting.
It's not peaceful or invigorating.
There's a reason there is no "squirrel pose" in yoga.
Once everyone is quiet and happily munching away, I can finally step onto my yoga mat.
And then the blue jays arrive to steal the peanuts... 

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