Monday, June 26, 2017

Eastbound and Down

Now that the crew from Atlanta, Georgia, are on their way to Nova Scotia, I can reveal the T-shirts "Aunt Sa" made for her nieces and nephews. I think this is the third set of shirts I've made over the past ten years (they haven't been here since 2014), and while nothing can top the "Scaredy Squirrel" shirts (if I do say so myself), these aren't bad. Seven kids meant coming up with seven different ideas -- and I still forgot to do a lobster!
Tractor for George, 12; cow for Mimi, 12; mug of coffee for Natan, 11; rainbow and beach for Vinny, 9; lupins for Lovey, 7; lighthouse for Mei Ting, 6 (this is her first trip to Nova Scotia); and a chicken for Violet, 3 (who loves pink).

You didn't realize your favourite East Coast author was a woman of many talents, did you?!

2010 (Vinny wasn't wearing his shirt)

2011 (four shirts made - not sure why I didn't include all)

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