Saturday, December 22, 2018

East Coast Christmas

Card handmade by J - no name, just her initial on back 
As a pot of seafood chowder simmers on the stove downstairs -- my husband being a stickler for chowder tasting better when it's made the day before -- and I put the finishing touches on my Christmas Eve service, I look out the window at the rain.
Six inches of snow gone and now we're in for a green Christmas on the East Coast.
Regardless of the weather (and at least this rain isn't another snowstorm), the next few days will be a flurry of food and lights, candles and cookies, chowder and pie, holiday coffee and mulled wine...until finally, we put our feet up on Christmas Day for an afternoon of books and movies (and more mulled wine!).
Wishing you a day of peace, a moment of joy, a breath of happiness, and a time of laughter.
Merry Christmas from Nova Scotia.

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