Monday, December 17, 2018

The Day After the Play

From the dress rehearsal: "It's too soon for the Magi, it's much too soon!"
I have a director's hangover!
Mostly because the cast said, "Next year, we'll..." and my brain said, "Yes, let's do it again. How about some ukelele laying shepherds?" and I made notes all evening. My husband finally said, as I turned on the beside lamp for the second time, "Turn off your brain and go to sleep!"
Bless my long-suffering but oh so supportive husband.
I'm tired today...but so elated that the play was a success. Only thirty minutes, but one cast member's mother said she laughed so hard, she thought she might pee herself, so it was a solid thirty minutes!
It was fun to see everyone really get into their roles and play to the audience. I couldn't have picked a better cast.
Serving refreshments -- hot apple cider and homemade cookies -- was the perfect time of fellowship afterwards. It allowed friends and neighbours to visit with each other.

Cast photo at the dress rehearsal
But the most amazing thing that happened yesterday was that we filled the church. We played to a FULL HOUSE!  I'm grateful for the support of several church communities with whom I've led worship the past few years, and to so many friends who came. I'm happy I made them laugh -- you know it's a good time when several people say they want a part next year.
Also, despite my misgivings about collecting an offering, the audience was shockingly generous. I made it clear it's for the church's work in the community, not for building expenses, so I look forward to helping others next year.

My friend Jane in the elephant costume, and my niece Mackenzie as the donkey.
From the start, I said this was the only church Christmas play I'd write, but this was well-received by the audience and it would be a shame not to apply what we learned, so yes, in the week after Christmas, I'll be at my computer typing up a new script, with some returning characters and some new ones. Also, I need to write a bigger part for the rare "nativity elephant" -- we have the elephant costume so we need to use it!

The final carol at the end of the play - the only photo where I'm with the cast!
What a great experience! My first church play since I was Imogene Herdman in 1979. I learned a lot in the last few days, and you know I'm the type of person to want to apply those lessons. And I'm thinking it might be fun to do a little acting, too...

"Turn off your brain!"

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