Saturday, February 04, 2012

Lost And Found

For my column next week,  I need a particular drawing from my niece and a particular quote from a writer. As it goes with life, when you need something, even though you can picture it in your mind, you simply can't find it.
You know messy people say they always can find what they need, that they know where everything is but to the rest of us, we can't imagine how? That's the order to chaos: Until you move it, it stays right where you put it. But we renovated most of our house last summer and my office was packed up then rearranged and unpacked weeks later. So my organized mess So when I decided to write about this particular topic (hint: it's about deer and love), I knew I wanted that drawing and that quote.

But I couldn't find either. All week, I searched. Finally, I found the article online but after reading through it, I couldn't find the reference. That's frustrating. I'm sure this is the author (Rick Bass) who made a comment about deer hooves being shaped like hearts that a young hild draws but I don't know where I read it. Finding it, however, gave me a point of reference (date) and since the drawing, and hopefully my copy of the quote, wasn't where it was supposed to be, perhaps I had tucked it inside one of my notebooks.
Oh, sweet taste of surprise success! I found it in my May 2009 notebook (which is still not where it should have been!). Oh, bitter taste of disappointment. There is no quote with it.
The point of this little tale? Just that writers get a bit obsessive when they have a story to tell. Oh, and we keep EVERYTHING.

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