Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scenes from the Outdoor Cafeteria

We feed all the traditional creatures - blue jays, finches, chickadees - but we welcome others as well, if only for the entertainment value. 

We are really enjoying the presence of this pheasant this winter. We spotted him last summer in the field out back with a hen but no sign of her lately; likely the local fox caught up to her. He is becoming more and more comfortable being this close to the house but I suppose if the food is there, the bird will come. Skittish, though; any movement inside the house sends him scurrying away across the snow, road-runner -like, to the cover of the pine trees by the road. He seems to have figured out that if the crows are feeding, it's safe. We've figured out that if we want to see the cock pheasant, we can't scare the crows away. 
Pheasants love sunflower seeds, by the way, not just cracked corn.

Our fine feathered friend has my husband on the hunt for ring-necked pheasants to bring home and become a flock with this gentleman. 

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