Thursday, February 02, 2012

More Snow Today

Yesterday was a bona fide snow storm; the ten-minute drive home from work took twenty minutes and my hands were cramped by the time I pulled into our driveway. So, to the guy in the large red pickup truck that came barrelling up behind me, what were you thinking? And no, I'm not going more than 50 km/hr on an unplowed road. Yeesh.
Halfway home, where the road curves into the opening of the river, a fox trotted out onto the road. When it finally saw me coming, it gave a little jump - 'Oh, what are you doing out on the roads in this weather?' - then leaped over the ditch and disappeared into the woods.
More snow today but manageable; pretty and wintery, not blustery and stressful. Speaking of which, I'm supposed to be planning my hand-outs for the editing workshop on Saturday but I can't stop staring out the window. Thick or light, I am a fan of snow. It is quiet and beautiful, not noisy and wet like rain. Already had the necessary walk in the snow but perhaps this loveliness calls for another indulgence.

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