Monday, February 13, 2012

Mid-Winter Night's Dream

Minus 22. Coldest morning of the winter. I let the husband get up first so he can build up the fire again, get the house warm, heat the kettle. 
A frigid mid-February night (only one of a few in this mild winter of ours) yet last night, I dreamed about gardening. Prompted by my mother phoning from Georgia earlier in the day to ask what zone we are in. We built onto our house for her and she has a second floor balcony. Not sure if she wants to plant in pots on the balcony or plant in the ground to entwine around the posts but she wants moonflower and jasmine; what she wants and what our zone will allow may not be compatible. 
I'd already planned to put clematis there. The gardening wars are about to commence. 
In my dream, I was in the big flower garden down front, the one that needs work. Much work. We renovated last summer and so lived away from home, and away from the gardens, for four months. I don't think I even pulled weeds, let alone tended the garden the way I had for the four previous summers. In my dream, I was digging up poppy plants and knowing where to move them; I was trying to place chunks of slate in order to widen a pathetic stone path that gets overgrown and unusable by mid-July. 
It was all so real. But the best part, now that I think about it, in my dream, there were no mosquitos and the work I was doing didn't hurt my back. 
What does it mean to dream in mid-February about your gardens? Is it a sign of an early spring? 

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