Friday, May 25, 2012

Sleeping With The Windows Open

At 3 am, the puppy wanted out to pee and the cat went out with her. At 4 am, Brewster the rooster started crowing. At 5 am, crows perched in the trees outside the bedroom, cawing. I figured I might as well start my day and then discovered why they were making such a racket so close to the house: the cat was rolling over a freshly-killed rat.
Clicked on the kettle to make tea. 
Let both dogs out the back door and hoped the crows snatched up the dead rodent before they discovered it. 
While my tea steeped, I glanced out the sliding doors facing our front yard and noticed a raccoon squatting in the tray bird feeder attached to the maple tree. I'd filled it the day before for the blue jays and chickadees. Only fair since we feed the finches year round. Over the course of the two hours I had before leaving for work, it took three "conversations" to convince the raccoon that vacating the premises meant getting down and leaving the yard, not climbing back up the tree.
Thank goodness that was just one morning this past week. I wouldn't survive if every morning was so busy.

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