Friday, May 18, 2012

Typical Man Moment

It's time for the annual fishing trip and after an entire week of preparation (!), the boys headed out early Thursday morning for the four-hour trek to their lake and last night about nine o'clock, I took a call from the reception rock somewhere in Guysborough County.
"We had a feed of trout for supper," my husband told me, "along with some hot dogs."
This is what men on a fishing trip consider gourmet: Fresh-caught trout with a side of weiners.
Beautiful weekend for them. Apparently, it poured yesterday afternoon but forecast is calling for sunshine for the next four days. It was two degrees this morning when I got up at six o'clock to walk the dogs and the west wind is keeping things cool in my little pocket of northern Nova Scotia but Hey: there is nothing better than sunshine for a long weekend. Enjoy!

The Pugwash Farmers' Market opens tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. Be there to support our local entrepreneurs (and maybe you'll get your picture taken by me).

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