Monday, May 14, 2012

A Weekend To Go To The Cottage

The road we live on is the direct route from Oxford and Springhill to the beach so it was busy yesterday afternoon once everyone returned home from church and taking Mother to lunch. One pick-up truck went by with two new lawn chairs in the back along with a trailer carrying a lawn mower - a common sight.
Our two "pet" rabbits spend the winter inside the coop and although it has two windows, not a lot of sunshine reaches their pen. When I went in last week and found Rosie, the grey rabbit, sitting on top of the wooden enclosure inside their pen in the tiny pool of morning sun coming in the north-east-facing window, I realized it was time to take them to their cottage.
Every so often we see fox prints on top of this outdoor pen (that must make for a terrifying night) but they've been safe for three summers and they seem to enjoy it. Hopefully this summer, we get around to converting an old shed into their own indoor/outdoor home. Although I kind of like their little cottage...

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