Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Wander With the Wildlife in Our Yard

Our large but still friendly rooster, Brewster. His spurs are 3 inches long
so you don't turn your back on this fellow. He can ruin a good pair of jeans...
as well as a calf muscle.

We are down to ten hens now. The middle hen lays green-shelled eggs. It was
her "sister" that the fox got last week. At least Blondie fed the three fox kits.

The first blades of spring grass...

...are eagerly awaited by Rosie. She's not overly friendly but she comes
running when she sees me, hoping for some fresh green.

Mama Squirrel in the garden shed. Dad takes off but she stays inside when
I'm there so there must be babies in the nest.

The nest in the corner of the shed. Even a rag was dragged up there.
Curtains? How am I supposed to edge my gardens now? 

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