Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Day of Us

I spend so much time in my head and then in my office writing and thinking and creating that every so often, it's essential to recharge by reconnecting to the world. It's even more important for my husband and me to spend a day doing the things we love to do together. 
10 am - Pugwash Farmers' Market where Dwayne ate a sausage at the Roses' booth and I bought broccoli from Good Thyme Farm and "yogi" jam from Joze Kouwenberg. She means yogi as in yogurt but I prefer it as in the perfect topping for yogurt after doing yoga! We also walked away with a great bench for one of our gardens.

11:30 am - Arrived at the 15th annual (and final) Antique Farm Show hosted by the Verstraten family of Lorneville on Route 366 in Cumberland County. So sorry I missed this great community gathering all these years. Turns out, a tractor show is so much more than a bunch of "old timers" standing around looking at tractors from the fifities and sixties -- although those are pretty cool, actually. Buying hamburger and sausages supported the local 4-H club while having a piece of pie for dessert supported the local church. Dwayne had cherry and I had lemon meringue. I also had the chance to hear the Pic 'N Grin band -- lead by Larry Ogden, a recent "In Conversation With..." subject.

1:30 pm - Dropped by the rug hooking show at the United Church so see what the Northport Loopers have been up to. Amazing works of art, that's what. Makes me more determined to take up rug hooking as soon as possible.
4:30 pm - Relaxing on the deck when Art Brown, a.k.a. Santa Claus, pulled into the yard. We'd spoken to him at the farm show where he'd was demonstrating one of his navy crafts (making canvas deck bags) and it was a treat to have a proper visit with him.
7:30 pm - We treated ourselves to a show at the Chatterbox Cafe in Pugwash with one of our favourite local groups, Fresia. Always a fun night when friends are on stage. Now we have the annual "Beckwith Bash" hosted by the Fresia clan to look forward to on Saturday, August 16.
As we drove home, I said to my husband, "What a great day. It's so nice to be us again. Thank you!"
And he replied, "Thanks, us!"

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