Monday, July 07, 2014

Best Friends

My niece Mimi who is almost ten.
This is one happy dog. Four big kids, two babies. So much love to give and so many willing to receive it.
As long as it comes from playing and not licking.
My sister and her family had to be out of their rental cottage near Pugwash on Saturday but instead of leaving for home in the middle of what was then supposed to be a hurricane, the whole crew of eight blew into our house for three more days (the house is now in worse shape than the yard!).
When I was brushing my teeth this morning before heading to work, I looked out the window and saw a dog in heaven: ball in mouth and two kids chasing her around the yard. Every so often, she'd let them catch her and take the ball from her.
It will be a different story tomorrow morning when the big white van pulls out of the yard, heading back home to Georgia. There will be a very sad dog lying in the yard with her chin resting on a tennis ball.

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