Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Happy Happy

Photo by Catherine Bussiere
The Top 7 Things I've Learned Being Married to a Nova Scotia Country Boy for 7 Years.

7) Yes, there is such a thing as camouflage for fishing.
6) You can never have too much lawn to mow.
5) Marry a man with a good winch.
4) You can never be too close to or too far away from your family.
3) There is no such thing as "too much chrome".
2) He really does want the dog sleeping in the bed.
1) A real country boy grows sunflowers.

What haven't I learned in the past seven years?
How to use a chain saw.
How to drive the tractor.
How to shoot the .22 I received for Valentine's Day a few years ago.
Notice a theme? I could hurt myself, I could hurt the machine, I could hurt my husband. Oh, well, at least it gets me out of whipper snipping.

There is one more thing I've learned in the past seven years and it's pasted on the archway in our dining room: "Eat well, Laugh Often, Love Much." A mantra for our marriage. If you know why you are together, the why that goes beyond the chickens and the gardens, the day trips and the inside jokes, even beyond the rib-crushing hugs and the belly laughs at bedtime, nothing can come between you.
Not even a dog.

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