Friday, July 18, 2014

The World Is Hurting

Too much awfulness in the world right now. And by world, I mean out there in other countries but also here at home.
A plane full of innocent people shot down over Ukraine.
An RCMP officer who was first on the scene of a horrific beheading on a bus committed suicide.
Just two examples but the news, the newspapers, social media are full of others.
The only response I have is to appreciate what is before me: green lushness of trees and gardens after four days of rain, lilies bursting into colour, nasturtiums in pots with their orange and red faces, blue skies, the sound of wind chimes carrying up to my office, the cats and dogs, and a day of writing.
And you know, typing that list makes me want to cry. I am so fortunate through a total accident of birth.
I am free, I am safe, I am loved.
Take nothing for granted.
It seems wrong to celebrate this when the world is full of fear and horror but it seems wrong to not give thanks for the peace and joy of my life.So "Amen" is appropriate.
So be it.

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