Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Early Morning Start

At home, my morning photos are of misty fields and tree plantations, or of a two-lane highway beyond which ripples the river.
On the road, it's a four-lane highway with on and off ramps, a vast sky, and trees.
I suppose that photo could be anywhere along the TransCanada highway in Nova Scotia but that's Ontario sky. The sky I grew up with but really, the same sky.
Same sky over Nova Scotia. Over Canada, over the United States, over England, over China, over India, over Iran, over Australia, over South Korea.
We all live under the same sky. Wherever you call home, that's the sky. Your home and my home lie under the same sky. On the same planet.
All of our boundaries are human-created.
This photo was taken three hours before Corporal Nathan Cirillo was shot at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. One week ago today.
Under the same sky.

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