Sunday, October 05, 2014

Old Dog On A Hot Day


Stella came along on our walk yesterday afternoon and I didn't realize just how hot it was. Both dogs were panting before we reached the church.
I could see Stella eyeing the ditch; she has this habit of flopping into the grass in a ditch if she gets hot while walking and now that she is old and fat, I wouldn't be able to move her until she wanted to move.
"Just a bit further, Stella," I pleaded, trying to make to the horse field with the bag of carrots I was carrying. "You can lie down when we get to the gate."
On the way back, we cut down into the field next to my in-laws' place and Stella was much happier. So happy, she had to roll around in the grass for a bit.
We made it to Nanny and Grampy Donn's for a big bowl of water and some digestive cookies -- which restored Stella enough for the rest of the walk home.

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