Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Secret To Eternal Youth

This is the reason we went to Ontario. For Mrs. Stinny's 90th birthday.
Yep, this is 90, folks. 
And she looked 29 in that dress. 
The secret? I could say...
Being a geniunely nice person. 
Surrounding yourself with a huge family that adores you.
Living in the same house for sixty years. 
And gardening. 
Mrs. Stinny didn't eat vegetables.
Surely that can't be the secret?
It must be said that we are not family by blood. 
We are family through friendship. 
My sister and I didn't grow up thinking of the Stinsons as our grandparents
but my sister's kids call her Great-Grandma.
For a few years in the Seventies, I knew what I was getting from the Stinsons for Christmas. The shape of the perfectly-wrapped parcel was expected; square and flat and thin: the latest ABBA album.
Mrs. Stinson's older brother is 95. They are the last of the five siblings.
Her brother says the secret to a long life is a positive attitude. 

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