Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cross Country

In the winter of 2009, I was dealing with a herniated disc so the skis went into the basement and the boots went into an upstairs closet and I just sort of forgot about them. But as my back has become stronger through daily yoga, and less gardening (an unfortunate reality is that working in my flower beds makes me painfully lame), I realized I could get on the skis again. It's not that I don't enjoy snowshoeing but if I can go farther and faster, then the dog gets a better run.
Being a writer's dog isn't all its jacked up to be. Sure, I'm home all the time but working on a tight deadline while completing all my other non-writing work means I'm shut away upstairs most of the time. So we have to make the most of our one walk a day (it sounds so wrong to say "one walk a day"). It'll take some conditioning to get my ski legs under me -- at one point, my pole got stuck and I lost my balance and fell  sideways and I don't know how I didn't break my ankle -- but once I'm grooving along with confidence, we'll be heading deep into the woods.
Maybe I'll take the walkie-talkie just in case I fall over again.

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